Anything, Anywhere, Anywhere

"Anything, Anywhere, Anywhere" is the DABY Slogan, because it is the un-rehearsed, unfiltered, from the heart statement that you hear in the video below. This is our boy at 4 months old and this video is literally why we started DABY.

"I Love My Daby" is a family owned business driven by our love for our newly born miracle. Inspired to only give our baby the best and healthiest of everything, we set out to make our very own brand for him. The bottle rocket is because we love him to the moon and back... and even more! We hope your little one loves our brand and we continue to be your choice for future Daby products. Thank you.

My wife and I had been married for 14 years and had always wanted a baby. Life can throw some really complicated things at you and can make some of the most simplest things that you desire so unattainable. My wife and I flew all the way to Spain in 2013 with the hopes that our first IVF ( In-Vitro Fertilization) try would be this magical carpet ride moment where everything just worked, because we wanted it to so badly and the timing would have been so perfect in our eyes. However, as wonderful and perfect as the trip was with my one true love , the IVF was unsuccessful, because it wasn't time yet. My wife was crushed. The procedure was so dangerous, painful and speedily carried out in a 2 week period; I was just so thankful that she was ok and I was just so happy knowing that I still had the Love Of My Life. Fast forward to the end of 2019, early 2020... Yes, a horrible end and beginning to a year with Covid 19. A new possibility opened. An IVF company named Shady Grove Fertility had a very great success rate in their IVF program that ensured success and they were excited to help us. Right away, I thought to myself, I'm beyond happy with just my wife and as long as she's ok, I'm good; so needless to say, I didn't get too excited. We started the program in December of 2019 and by March of 2020,the program was paused for everyone. Coronavirus was on the loose and I had gotten very sick myself. Thank God I made it to write about it. By May of 2020, we were notified that we could continue and proceed with all the Very Many medications and then procedure. On August 12, 2020, the little one that you see above, was conceived. As each month went by with no problems, everything just became so surreal. In late March of 2021, a month early, our little miracle was born. I was so scared for my wife... she had to be cut open. She wasn't even scared; she was like whatever for the baby. She was such a any real man should always recognize, all women are miracles themselves. Our son, Sir-Titan was born with fluid in his lungs in a time of a global respiratory virus pandemic. He had to be put on breathing machines to help him breath. My wife had to recover from the operation. By the Grace of God, we all went home a couple weeks later.

The good in us all inspires us to do so many good things. Anything worth anything is always always worth fighting for. My wife and I have set out to make the very best with all our love and with all our heart, no matter the obstacle.

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God Bless and thank you for reading.