I Love my Daby Reviews

Customer Reviews

Fantastic product, great for teething. My daughter (30 months) still has a dummy for nighttime and we found she was easily chewing through normal ones. These last months!

Rosie A.

Literally the only paci my babe will accept. He’s rejected all major binky brands, spits out even the most expensive pacifiers. BUT NOT THIS ONE! Finally found a binky he’ll accept and I’m thrilled.

Lexy. Y

My LO loves to put everything into his mouth, even a whole dummy! So I went for this one, because it's chunky enough to stop him from putting into his mouth.


I love that this pacifier focuses on a healthier future for my baby. Need more products like this ...

Lindsey k

Absolutely love this pacifier! I've done research and compared it to eco pacifier (by ecopiggy), ummy and natursutten. Daby has the BEST appeal. It is also easy for baby to keep in their mouth. No smell Unlike other eco friendly, non toxic pacifiers, it does not cover baby's nose. It also has a big loop that baby can grab, which my little one LOVES!

Stephanie r.

This is a super cute pacifier and my baby loves using it! It's also very easy to wash keep clean and sanitary. I gave it 4 stars because it does have quite a large loop which makes it easy for baby to either grab or accidentally knock out of her mouth.